(Sheffield (UK))
Soup Review are songwriting duo Chris Delamere and Mario D’Agostino, two friends who came together over their mutual love of recording songs in their bedrooms to write DIY pop songs which walk a fine line between silliness and sincerity, high concept and novelty, folk and anti-folk.
Their debut album ‘From the Bed to the Settee (And Back Again)’ is a scrapbook collection of songs about everyday joys and frustrations, about friendships and recipes, disastrous parties and quiet nights in, as well as flights of fancy through boringly familiar landscapes. They tell stories through goofy wordplay, sharp observations and loving pastiche. They’re casting a critical eye on the great gumbo of life.

Much like ‘Half Man Half Biscuit’ before them, Soup Review is observing the road well-travelled and leaving lengthy Trip Advisor reviews about the potholes they find.
They walk a tightrope between silliness and sincerity, between The Mines of Devoutium, a cowboy ballad about a sinister monk spy, and Telegraph Hill, a postcard detailing a miserable day out in South London.
Listening to their debut record almost feels like taking a Megabus to where the strange becomes familiar and the familiar is a goofy joke, as they tentatively try to put a finger on some of the common experiences of their generation.
They quietly recite A Recipe for Baba Ghanoush and take wing riotously with their Anthem for Flying Ant Day.
Imagine Soup Review as the “Morriseys of Morrisons” (minus the shitty stuff), or as Lennon and McCartney farting around in the waiting room before their CBT session, they’re like Stars in their Eyes on SSRIs.

Join them on a journey From the Bed to the Settee (And Back Again)!