Hamburg (GER)
Singer / Songwriter duo Roods And Reeds – releases debut album on 01st June 2018!
The Loom Goes Click is a beautiful assembly of folk songs embedded in jazzy harmonies and an inspired world of instrumentation.
Dagmar Lauschke and Leonard Poppe from Hamburg have been performing since 2016. They are finally set to let the world know about their magical songwriting skills.
The album title "The Loom Goes Click" is a musical hint, reminiscent of the rhythm of a clattering loom. The band name “Roods And Reeds” refers to the roods that were used in pre-industrial England by weavers and tailors to measure fabrics and ribbons. Reeds are still being used in textile looms today.
The groovy tracks, interwoven guitar melodies and voices of their songs are timeless and pay tribute to the culture of traditional songwriting.
Traditional songs alongside original compositions and fine musicianship are the components that make this album a calming and delightful listening experience.