Melbourne (Australia)
There’s a sense of searching and mystery nestled in the music of Owls of the Swamp.
The atmospheric indie-folk project of Australian singer-songwriter Pete Uhlenbruch.

In an exploration of his inner self and the metaphysical nature of life, Pete Uhlenbruch releases his first EP, Meteorite, under his frequented pseudonym, Owls of the Swamp. The growth of his musicianship is evident as he shifts from acoustic-based albums to a more lush atmospheric sound with warmer, emphasized vocals. The EP is set to release on November 4.Following a transformative period in Peru where he used the medicinal visionary plant, Ayahuasca, Uhlenbruch knew he had to express how the event influenced him. “My experiences there had an immediate and life-changing impact, similar to how a meteorite would shift the landscape of the earth,” Uhlenbruch says. After returning home, he took vocal lessons for two years and changed his approach to recording, giving himself more space for adjustments in sound and performance both as a person and a musician.
(Paste Magazine)