Sheffield (UK)
Founded some 10 odd years ago, Sheffield's bluesy folk institution OUTROADS has fallen, risen, and shone through a career of down-home and grandeur. The acme of non Rock'n'Roll is in every sense a contemporary superhero in the form of a band that has never really happened, but always will.
OUTROADS has toured and turned around the world, has played in front of more than 60.000 people, and one of their shows has once even been broadcasted to over 1 million people, somewhere on this planet, on this soil.
Their Singer climbs trees on an every day basis, the harmonica and slide guitar player sells woollen 40's long-johns and mopeds, guitarist Weston has walked thousands of miles for The Royal Mail and their drummer and bassist like Christmas trees more than their lives.

Labelship proudly presents Outroads' 3rd album that has finally made it to the surface.
Grab your handkerchiefs, folks, this is as real as no one wants to, but a lot have tried hard to be.