Somerset / Berlin (United Kingdom / Germany)
KID DECKER (Bridgwater, UK / Berlin GER)

„The road lays before me now, goes on for miles”
is a quotation that could be interpreted as the general burden of those singer/songwriters who just wouldn’t stop travelling their musical lives – revealing, also creating emotions.
Somerset-boy Craig Saunders started off as one of those, and continues to be.
However, his debut album “Your Kind” is a collection of songs that, for a time, stood in the mind of its composer as a simple singer/songwriter album, but which now also lends itself to a pop musical approach, fusing together various woven instrumental elements.
As Saunders’ crystal voice trickles through the music, melodies unfold in unexpected places, guitars and percussion collide.

Kid Decker – Songs in defence of solitude and introspection, songs in praise of the comfort of others, songs of loss and love, songs of hope and promise, but above all, these are songs that cut through the bone like a crisp winter wind.